The Best Embroidery Machine For Hats 2017

Not all machines are suitable for every kind of embroidery. When embroidering hats for example, you will want a machine that is capable for the task. Below I’ll explain why you will require of a machine for working on headwear, and review my choice for the best embroidery machine for hats available.

Why you can’t use a regular embroidery machine

One of the first things anyone will tell you when speaking about embroidering hats, is that it is without a doubt, one of the most fiddly and difficult things you can do.

Not only do you need a machine with a wide stitching area, but it also needs to support the round hoop that will hold your hat in place. A slower stitching speed is also preferable for embroidering the corners around the brim of the hat.

These particular demands limit your choices when deciding on which machine to buy. There are loads of different machines out there, luckily all manufacturers have detailed specifications of what their machine can and can’t do.

There are a few budget machines available that can embroider hats, but in my experience embroidering hats with a cheap machine only leads to damaged hats, cheap looking stitching and broken needles.

As I am sure you are aware, high quality machines are very expensive. The high price and the difficult nature of the work means that hat embroidery is something for advanced hobbyists and professionals only.

Review time

Time for the bit that you are all interested in! As with all areas of sewing and embroidery there are hundreds of different machines you can choose from. This can lead to confusion or even making the wrong purchase.

Fear not fellow crafters, I have chosen the best embroidery machine for hats so you don’t have to spend hours sifting through the internet to make your choice.

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine

The Brother PE770 is a fantastic machine, a step up from entry level embroidery machines without the prohibitive cost. As with all Brother products the build quality and design of this machine is second to none.

The extra large hoop area support is perfect for allowing the stitching around corners and hems. The embroidery rotation function keeps the needle steady in the fabric as the machine stitches around those fiddly cap bills.

With full computer connectivity any design you wish to import is just a few keystrokes away. This makes this machine not only great for the hobbyist but also perfect for small business owners.

The high quality stitching and professional finish paired with an incredibly versatile machine allow for a huge range of operating options. It’s really comforting to know you won’t be stifled by your machine’s limitations.

Included with the machine is a massive selection of accessories including bobbins, threads and many patterns to get you started.

Even though the Brother PE770 is designed with the more advanced user in mind, beginners will have no trouble learning to use the many different functions included. A very well written instruction manual and CD come packaged with this machine.


  • Fantastic build quality.
  • Excellent price for such a solid all-round machine.
  • Compatible for a wide range of hoop sizes.
  • Large embroidery field, perfect for hats and larger designs.
  • Easy to use LCD touch screen controls.
  • Easy thread system.
  • USB port allows for easy transfer of designs.
  • 136 built-in designs and 6 fonts.
  • Professional level stitching and finishes.

Accessory pack includes:

  • 64 different embroidery threads.
  • Prewound bobbins.
  • Cap and sock hoops.
  • Stabilizer.
  • A massive 15,000 designs.
  • Professional standard scissors.
Lowest price for: Brother PE770

Final thoughts

Embroidering designs on hats is one of the harder things I have learnt to do over the years. Thankfully with modern day machines a lot of the difficulty has been eliminated. The Brother PE770 is a machine I have personally used before and it is without a doubt the best machine in its price range.

A lot of people make the mistake in thinking they need to buy a machine specifically for hat embroidery. What you actually need is an embroidery machine that is also suitable for stitching on hats. When spending this sort of money on a machine you really want to make sure it excels in all areas not just one.

All in all if you’re operating a small business or a hobbyist The Brother PE770 is an ideal choice that I’m certain you will be more than happy with.